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K’Alma was approached by an exclusive resort in Indonesia called Nihiwatu. This ultra-luxury property had a very special spa “safari” experience that involved a 90-minute trek through nature. However, because of its remote location, the staff had no knowledge or training about spas or massages, creating an inconsistency in the quality of service. The owner wanted us to train their staff in a professional manner, but to still honor their local traditions. Instead of westernizing their techniques, we connected them with nature, the values of their land and the healing power of touch.

We implemented our K’Alma Journey certification in an intensive week of training. Together, we created signature massages, rituals and protocols. For example, coconuts are a big part of their local fauna, so we incorporated coconut water into their rituals, such as washing a guest’s feet with coconut water as a welcome ritual. We uncovered and addressed the biggest challenges the practitioners had. Even though there was a language barrier, we encouraged the spa therapists to teach their guests the Sumba language, instead of the other way around.

By illuminating and shifting their perspective, we taught them that their cultural and historical beliefs were the actual gift they had to offer, and it became the foundation for all the treatments and techniques. Guests who come to visit from all over the world are now able to take a part of Nihiwatu home with them.

in 2016, one year after K’Alma’s Spa certification, Nihiwatu was named the #1 Hotel in the World by Travel and Leisure Magazine citing the spa journey as one of the main highlights of the resort.


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