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Spa 360 degree from Kalma Spa offers all spa design

Spa 360°

K’Alma is with you every step of the way. Based on our longtime expertise in the wellness world, we bring spas to life—from early visions and strategies, through construction and staffing, and culminating in the opening. We maintain this vibrancy throughout the term of our management partnership agreement, and can scale up with additional growth opportunities as needed. Extensive training allows our team to be well versed in the language, attire, values and standards identifiable with your brand so that guests do not distinguish between our employees and yours.

Our flexible approach to business also allows us to provide temporary and/or pop-up services and solutions for partners seeking assistance during transitory periods. Whatever the duration of the partnership, the resulting relationship is lasting.

Spa Concepts creation spa preopening services spa financial modeling

Spa Concepts

We will create a spa based on your hotel’s size, needs, clientele, theme and budget. This customized spa entity will capture the essence of your brand, while enhancing the guest experience and engagement. The resulting immersive spa will impart meaningful memories tied to a stay at your property.


  • Concept Creation
  • Pre-Opening Services
  • Financial Modeling
Spa Customization outdoor spas indoor spas

Spa Customization

Our spas are designed to fit your property. We produce full-scale, classic spas with multiple treatment rooms, wet areas, branded retail and lounges. However, if you don’t have the space for this type of undertaking, or want something more targeted, we will program rooftop retreats, poolside cabanas, in-room rituals, balcony escapes, nail bars and whatever else fits your hotel’s character, history and framework.

Spa implementation & spa management


As the physical spa comes to life, we will custom design menus and rituals, provide wellness staffing and order the highest quality products. Simultaneously, our realization team will cross-train with your property’s various departments and employees to ensure a consistent message and guest experience. Our industry expertise and service-oriented operations will free up your team to focus on satisfying other property demands.

The launch includes a “soft opening” phase to develop all processes. We also offer the option to host a grand opening to reach influencers, new clients, media, financiers, local VIPs and other partners.


  • Permitting
  • Staffing
  • Uniforms
  • Education and Training
  • Professional Spa Products
  • Business Development
  • Sales and Marketing
Kalma staff training and certification


As a leader in the wellness field with a decade-plus of successful brand partnerships, we have created a set of proven standards and practices into a training model for internal and external audiences. Through seminars, retreats and continuing education programs, we empower our therapists with new techniques and philosophies. Based on our experience with our branding partner’s needs, these insights are both practical and valuable. Participants are engaged, energized and ready to heal.

Spa implementation & spa management


Whether you have a group trip planned, a wedding, or a corporate meeting, you can trust us to ensure you and your guests can relax your mind, body and spirit in style during your stay.

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